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! Guides & Reference
As The Spanish Wine Page continues to develop, there's a growing body of reference information available here. In order to better organize the both the content and the access to this more or less permanent data, I've set up this G & R index. This will also leave more space for new and future elements on the Home Page.

* Winemaking, Terminology and Labels
A basic guide to Spanish winemaking and a glossary of terms to help you interpret those sometimes confusing labels.
* A Quick Guide to The Top Regions, Best Years
Vintage Tables for both the "major" wine regions - Rioja, Penedés, Ribera del Duero, Rueda, and Valdepeñas, and the other D.O. regions as well. Also includes an ageing chart to get an idea of the "life expectancy" of the better known wines from Spain.
* How to Get Started
Some basic tips on wines to help start a Spanish section to your wine cellar.
* The Regional Wine Guide
This is the beginning of an evolving Guide to the Wines of Spain. At present there are only a few "bodegas" present, but this will change as the pages evolve. The Guide is organized by D.O. region, and also serves as a reference to the 40 recognized D.O. regions of Spain.
* 100 years of Rioja Alta
Online version of Manuel Ruiz Hernández's book, published on the 100th anniversary of La Rioja Alta. A highly detailed technical look at Rioja wines and winemaking - a must for specialists and knowledgable wine lovers.
* Winery Tours
A listing of some of the more interesting Ribera del Duero and Rioja wineries, as well as contact information for the Barcelona area. Includes basic travel information, location, visiting hours, telephone, and contact person.
* Map of Spain
A JPEG Image direct from the University of Texas' Map Collection. A great, detailed map of Spain. Warning - IT'S VERY LARGE! (.. and may take a while to download.)
* F.E.V - The Spanish Wine Exporters Associacion
A Database of 600 of Spain's leading exporters, with addresses for the regional exporters associations and a list of the member wineries and their brand names (in Spanish).
* Wines From Spain - USA
Wines from Spain aims to create greater awareness of Spanish wine in the United States. It is the number one information source on Spanish wines for wine professionals, media, and consumers.
* Wine Production and Other Statistics
Some statistical data with production and export figures from some of Spain's leading regions: Rioja, Ribera de Duero and Rias Baixas
* A Bibliography of Spanish Wine
A short bibliography of useful references on Spanish wine and wine making: English, Spanish and German.