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Winemaking in Spain
Spanish wineries are known as "bodegas" and the winemakers, "bodegueros". The Spanish winemakers make their products from a large variety of grapes. It's not unusual to find the typical Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and so forth, but the majority of the wines are produced from native grapes, many completely unknown outside the Iberian peninsula.

The methods used by the "bodegueros" are of course based on the same "technology" used in other wine producing areas, but the differences in technique, storage and aging methods, etc., produce some interesting and often pleasantly distinct wines.

For the wine drinker, the language and terminology used in labeling can be a serious problem when selecting Spanish wines in the local shop. The following sections should be helpful in both understanding what you are about to buy, as well as how and when to most enjoy it.