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!Reference Material on Spanish Wine


English Language Books

*'The New Spain' by John Radford
A new book published 1998, divided into regions, color coded on the page edge for easy reference back to a key map in the introduction, from Reed Consumer Books .
[ISBN 1 85732 254 1]
*"Spanish Wines", by Jan Read
From Mitchell Beazley Publishers, a very good guide to both Spanish wines and Spain as well. (Also available in German, and there's another title by the same author on wines of Rioja.)
[ISBN 0 85533 458 4]
*"The Oxford Companion to Wine", by Jancis Robinson
For many this is the most complete wine guide available: 864 pages of indepth information on wines, grapes, winemaking, and lots more. The new 1999 edition has an expanded section on Spanish wines.
[ISBN 0 19866 236 X]
*"Hugh Johnson's Pocket Encyclopedia of Wine"
From Mitchell Beazley Publishers, a good guide to wines in general with a useful section on Spanish wine.
[ISBN 0 85533 630 7]
*"Wine Tasting", by Michael Broadbent
From Mitchell Beazley Publishers, a wine tasters guide.
[ISBN 0 85533 3731]
*"Wine Buyers Guide", by Robert Parker
From Simon & Schuster/Fireside, probably the best known wine guide around.
[ISBN 0-671-79913-4]
*"The Travelers Wine Guides: Spain"
From Philip Clark Limited and Waymark Publications.
[ISBN 0 86145 762 5]
*"Wines, Grapes and Vines", by Jancis Robinson
From Mitchell Beazley Publishers, a good overall reference for wines and vines.
[ISBN 0 86145 581 5]
*"The Wine Atlas of Spain and traveller's guide to the vineyards"
by Hubrecht Duijker From Mitchell Beazley Publishers, a very useful wine atlas.
*"The new Wines of Spain", by Tony Lord
From Christopher Helm. Lots of information about the modern wine-making and wine-makers in Spain.
*"A Season in Spain", by Ann and Larry Walker
From Simon & Schuster, a good guide to Spain, Spanish cooking and Spanish wine.
[ISBN 0-671-69662-9]
*"Spain on a Plate", by María José Sevilla
From BBC Books, a first-rate guide to Spanish cooking.
[ISBN 0 563 36347 9]

Spanish Language Books

*"Guia Peñín de los Vinos de España", by José Peñín
From Pi & Erre, probably the largest and most accurate guide to Spanish wines.
[ISBN 84-605-3619-X]
*"Guia de Vinos Gourmet, 1995"
From Club G, an excellent reference for wines, wineries and wine shopping.
[ISBN 84-87289-16-9]
*"Guia de los Vinos y Bodegas de España"
From Folio. The writers are famous Spanish wine experts, one of them is Miguel Torres. (Forword by Hugh Johnson). Contains very detailed and useful information on Spanish bodegas.

Other Languages

*"Die grossen Weine der Rioja", by Hubrecht Duijker
[German] Lots of good information on Rioja, its wines, and wineries. Very good photography as well. Also available in English under the title "The wines of Rioja" (London: Mitchell Beazley), and in Dutch - "De goode wijnen van Rioja" (Amsterdam: Het Spectrum)
*"Espanjan viineje", by Matti Larres
[Finnish] A pocket book, useful guide by Finland's Spanish wine authority.

Note: Special thanks to Rae Fahlenius, a self confessed "wine aficionado" from Finland for his additions to this list.
{J.Riis Nov 1999}