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Campo Viejo 1989 Reserva, D.O.C. Rioja (Campo Viejo)

Garnet red color, bright with brick tones. Vanilla, red fruit and spice in the nose. Well balanced, smooth and tasty - but not a lot of body. Made from Tempranillo, Garnacha, and Mazuelo, with 24 months in oak, and another 24 in the bottle. *[$M]
{25 Dec 1995}

Rioja Bordón, 1991 Crianza D.O.C. Rioja (Franco Españas)

Nice garnet color with brick overtones. The aroma is more typical of an older wine - slightly leathery, a touch of oak, and notes of fruit. The taste is smooth and dry with a pleasant, vaguely bitterish finish. A good value Rioja red. *[$M]
{4 Dec 1995}

Viña Albali, 1989 Reserva Valdepeñas (Felix Solis)

This attractively priced red from Valdepeñas has a bright cherry-red color, a delicate aroma of fruit and only a hint of oak. It's tasty with good body, but not at all heavy. A very good value. *[$L]
{28 Nov 1995}

Muga, 1991 Crianza D.O.C. Rioja (Bodegas Muga)

The color is bright garnet red, with a fresh fruity aroma with oak tones. This "crianza" from Muga is tasty, but relatively light bodied. The wine passes the ageing requirements for "reserva", and may be sold as such - particularly in the US. Both aroma and taste seem to "open up" after a few minutes in the glass. *[$M]
{12 Nov 1995}

Viña Cumbrero, 1990 Crianza D.O.C. Rioja (Bodegas Montecillo)

With 12 months in oak and another year "resting" in a bottle, this Cumbrero crianza has a clean dark-cherry color, and a fruity-grape aroma. It's very tasty, and an excellent value. A slightly astringent finish suggests that it will hold up well for several more years.
{5 Nov 1995}

Berberana, 1988 Reserva D.O.C. Rioja (Berberana)

Made from 80% Tempranillo, 20% Garnacha, with 36 months in American oak. The color is a ruby-red, bright with no signs of browning. The aroma is of medium intensity, with notes of vanilla and oak, the taste smooth and pleasant. *[$M]
{23 Oct 1995}

Gran Coronas, 1990 Reserva D.O. Penedés (Miguel Torres)

Gran Coronas is 85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Tempranillo. The color is a dark ruby-red and the nose is balsamic with ripe fruit overtones. The wine is well structured, smooth and quite tasty, with a lasting aftertaste. *[$M]
{16 Oct 1995}

* Gran Vos, 1991 Reserva D.O. Somontano (Viñas del Vero)

The Somontano Region in the province of Huesca has been getting good press of late - and "Gran Vos" is good place to start. Made from Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, with a touch Pinot Noir, the dark cherry-red color and berry-fruit nose are only the beginning of a great wine experience. Aged 12 months in new French oak, plus 24 months "resting" in the battle; the wine is smooth, balanced and with a nice, slightly tannic finish. *[$M]
{8 Oct 1995}

Yllera, Tinto 1991 Castilla y Leon (Los Curros)

This wine isn't crianza or reserva, and it doesn't even belong to an "official" D.O. region, but this light and tasty red from Valladolid is a real "find". It sports a clear bright red color, a fresh fruity aroma, good balance and a remarkable finish for such a "modest" wine. *[$L]
{28 Sept 1995}

CUNE, '91 Crianza Rioja (C.V.N.E)

This is a light wine (11.5%), with a bright ruby red color, a nice clean aroma with a berry-fruit taste and a hint of spice and oak. It's a smooth wine with a reasonable finish, a good value, especially for those who enjoy the lighter wines. *[$L]
{20 Sept 1995}

Viña Mayor, Crianza 1991 Ribera del Duero (Hijos de A. Barceló)

A dark, almost black-cherry color, intense aroma, good balance and robust taste mark this excellent Ribera del Duero. The aroma is slightly spicy with a long finish. It's made from 100% Tinto Fino (Tempranillo) and " crianza" of 18 months in oak - 13%. *[$M]
{3 Sept 1995}

* Raimat "Abadia", 1990 Costers del Segre (Raimat)

The Raimat winery, in Lerida at the foot of the Pyrenees, has put together a different and interesting wine. Abadia is made from 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Tempranillo. The ageing process starts with 6 months in French oak, followed by 12 more in American oak casks. The color is dark garnet; the texture is velvety with lots of body; it carries a smooth oaky vanilla taste with a nice finish. *[$M]
{15 Aug 1995}


Jaume Serra Macabeo, 1994 D.O. Penedés (Jaume Serra)

Made from 100% Macabeo (also known as Viura) - the main grape variety for the "cavas". Light straw color, clear and bright, the aroma is light and slightly flowery. This is a fresh, light wine, dry but with a hint of sweetness in the finish. *[$L]
{29 Oct 1995}

Marqués de Riscal, 1994 Rueda (Marqués de Riscal)

This excellent Rueda could be described as "a fun wine", it starts out with the fruity taste of a young wine (with just a touch of bananas). As it passes through the mouth, a curious evolution takes place and the finish is long with a full lingering taste, more like a wine which has been aged in oak. *[$M]
{15 Sept 1995}

Marqués de Griñón, 1992 "Durius" - Rueda, (Marqués de Griñón)

A straw colored, dry white wine, a recent addition to the list of fine "ruedas". *[$M]


Julián Chivite, 1993 "Gran Feudo" - Navarra, (Julián Chivite)

Light and tasty, this "rosado" from Navarra is best chilled and acompanied by shellfish, chicken or vegetables. *[$M]


* La Ina, "fino" sherry (Pedro Domecq)

The color is pale yellow, bright with greenish tints. The aroma is powerful with wood and clearly defined "flor" - the yeasts that give sherry it's special taste. The taste is ample and complex - oak, "flor" , and slightly saline. To be drunk well chilled - great with appetizers, also try it with fish, seafood, or poultry. Don't let the metal screw-on cap fool you - this is a first-rate fino. *[$M]
{19 Nov 1995}

Gonzáles Byass, "Tio Pepe" - [Fino] Jerez, (González Byass)

Dry, straw colored, and tasty this is a classic "fino" from the Jerez region. Remember to drink it well chilled. *[$M]


Anna de Codorniu Brut Reserva, (Cordoniu)

This bubbly is made from Chardonnay, Xarel-lo, Macabeo and Parellada grapes. "Anna" shows a bright yellow-gold color and smallish, long-lasting bubbles. A slightly flowery aroma and fresh, lasting taste mark this an excellent cava - one to be enjoyed, especially during the comming holidays. *[$H]
{11 Dec 1995}

Freixenet "brut nature" - Cava, (Freixenet)

Fine bubbles and a fresh and dry taste make this a good (and "cost- effective") champagne substitute. *[$M]

Prices: To minimize confusion, and country to country differences, I'll use a Spanish Relative Price (SRP) approach. That is the normal price of the wine here in Spain, expressed in $ USA.

*[$L] = Low (less than $5)
*[$M] = Medium ($5 to $10)
*[$H] = High (more than $10)