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Ski Spain (and Andorra)

While Spain has made a name for itself for sunshine and sandy beaches, it is in fact Europe's second most mountainous country (after Switzerland) and offers some very interesting possibilities for skiers. The majority of the better ski spots are concentrated in the Pyrenees Mountains along the country's northern border with France, but there are also useful slopes in other parts of the country. While Andorra is not Spain, but an independent country nestled in the Pyrenees between Spain and France, there is some good skiing there and it's actually quite close to Barcelona.

The key ski areas are:

Region Location Ski Areas
Pyrenees-Catalonia Northeast
  • Baqueira-Beret
  • Boí-Taüll
  • La Molina
Formigal: Pyrenees-Aragon North
  • Astún
  • Candanchu
  • Cerler
  • Formigal
  • Panticosa
Pyrenees-Andorra Between Spain & France
  • Pas de la Casa
    Grau Roig
  • Soldeu
    El Tarter
  • Pal
Andalucia South (Granada)
Central Region North of Madrid
  • La Pinilla
  • Navacerrada
  • Valcotos
  • Valdesquí
Northern Area Cantabrian Mountains
  • Valdezcaray
    (La Rioja)
  • Alto Campoo
  • San Isidro

The Pyrenees aren't the Alps, and many of Spain's ski areas are on the small side. I haven't [yet] skied all of Spain's 23 ski areas, but in my own personal opinion, two areas do stand head and shoulders above the rest: Sierra Nevada in the south (site of the 1996 World Championships), and Baqueira-Beret in the Catalonian part of the Pyrenees.

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