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Madrid (English)

When I first came to Spain some 18 years ago, it wasn't easy to get along in English. These days, many more Spaniards speak English, especially in the tourist-related areas: hotels, airports, etc. At the same time, many visitors and residents find themselves in need of resources - or just plain conversation in their native English (or American).

These days, there are two useful publications, printed (and available online) specifically for the English speaking inhabitants and visitors in Madrid:

Both include restaurant and accommodation guides, articles, classifieds, and a directory of services. Paper copies of these publications can be found in a variety of locations around the city including:

  • Alfredo's Barbacoa (American restaurant)
    Juan Hurtado de Mendoza, 11
  • A Taste of America (American supermarket)
    P. de la Castellana, 28
  • Booksellers (English bookstore)
    José Abascal, 48
  • Emperatriz (hotel)
    López de Hoyos, 4
  • Finnegans (Irish pub)
    Plaza de las Salesas, 9
  • As well as the Australian, Canadian, British, and US Embassies

Both The Broadsheet and InMadrid can found at The Tourist Information booth at Madrid's Barajas Airport - a good place to pick up tourist information in most languages. It's on the lower arrivals level in the international terminal near the rental car booths - there you'll find lot's of good material: maps, guides, brochures, and so on to help you find your way around this great city.

Enjoy your stay!

Information Links: Madrid (English)

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Online classified ads from InMadrid.

Softguide Madrid - City guide
The excellent Softguide to Madrid - in English and Spanish.

The Broadsheet Home Page
Another of Madrid's English language publications - small magazine format with articles, classifieds, adverts, event calendar, and so on.

The Broadsheet - Directory
The Broadsheet's Directory of English speaking services in Madrid.

The Broadsheet - Madrid Living
The Broadsheet's recommendations on activities and events in Madrid.