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Wine-Food Combinations

While there are genuine experts in the art of matching wine and food, tastes vary and there's lots of room for innovation, and individual preferences. Just the same, there are some basic guidelines which are often helpful in getting off on the right foot.

There's an amazing variety of wines from Spain, with wines to go with just about anything. When looking for wine-food combinations don't forget to include young reds, sherry (especially fino and manzanilla), moscatel sweet dessert wines, and of course cava, Spain's splendid bubbly.

The Basics
Type of Food Recommended Wines Wines to Avoid
Fish and shellfish Dry white, cava Aged reds
Pasta, casseroles, rice Rosés, light reds Full-bodied reds
Chicken and veal Rosés, light reds, cava Aged reds
Meat, stews and cheese Aged reds Young, fruity whites
Appetizers Cava, dry sherry Aged Reds
Vegetables Young, fruity whites Aged Reds
Soups and cold cuts Semi-sweet whites Most Reds

Spanish Combinations
Food/Dish Recommended Wines Comments
Paella "crianza" & young reds, rosés Reds are probably best, but rosés are fine with lighter paellas
Roast lamb Medium-aged "crianza" reds Typical dish in Rioja and Ribera del Duero
Tortilla White wines with body, rosés This is the genuine Spanish omelette
Serrano ham, chorizo sausage Semi-sweet whites, dry sherry Also try cava or oloroso sherry

Problem Foods
Food/Dish Why Some Ideas
Salads Vinegar "fights" most wines Use lemon instead of vinegar. Cavas, aged whites and dry sherry can work with vinegar.
Spicy, hot food Spiciness overpowers most wines Fino or manzanilla sherry holds up to the spice
Artichokes and asparagus Flavor incompatible with most wines Young whites or rosés are OK with asparagus. Avoid artichokes.

Spanish Wines to Match
Type of Wine Producing Regions
Young, fruity whites Rueda, Albariño, Penedès, Somontano
Semi-sweet whites Alella, Valencia (moscatel)
Rosés Navarra, Penedès, Valencia
Young reds Rioja, Penedès, Somontano, Valencia
"Crianza" reds Rioja, Penedès, Somontano, Ribera del Duero
"Reserva" reds Rioja, Penedès, Somontano, Ribera del Duero, Navarra, La Mancha

PS: Enjoy!